Sunday, October 7, 2012

Israel: Apartheid?

Israeli Apartheid?

March 8, 2011
Saudi Arabia bans protests, Turkey locks up journalists,
Iran and Libya kill their opponents.
Egypt and Syria have also been killing  protesters and the audacity,
 a new flotilla is being planned to protest against Israel’s policies.
Haneen Zoabi, an Arab woman is an elected member of the Israeli Knesset
and has led anti-Israel protests.
Israeli apartheid?
Her actions would never be tolerated in any of the surrounding countries,
but Zoabi’s anti-government pieces are routinely published
 in main stream Jerusalem newspapers.

While Saudi Arabian women are forbidden to drive a car,
in Jerusalem, many Arab women take driving lessons
and sit on Egged buses in traffic jams on Agrippas Street with everyone.
Arab school girls
School girls are not afraid to share the same streets,
Arab girls in uniforms in Old City
no matter what uniforms they wear,  and go on to attend Israeli universities
Arab girl head covered working in Israeli hospital
and find work in the medical professions in Israeli hospitals.
Muslim woman walking in Old City
Arab women walk alone
Arab woman alone in Old city
through the streets of the Old City
Arab women image. Arab women in Jerusalem
and in all the neighborhoods
Palestinian woman shopping
Arab women image. Arab women in Jerusalem
Muslim woman walking in Old City wearing hijab
dressed in clothing
Arab women shopping in Jerusalem
of all types
Palestinian woman shopping
and colors.
Palestinian woman shopping
Often Arab women shop
in Mamilla Mall,
Palestinian woman, shopping in Machane yehuda
in the Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk,
Palestinian woman shopping for shoes
on Jaffa Street,
Palestinian woman shopping with children in Jerusalem
King George Street,
Muslim woman shopping
and in Talpiot.
Muslim women eating in Jerusalem
They can eat in a street cafe or restaurant
Arab man and woman holding hands in public
or walk with a male companion.
Muslim woman with children wailing wall plaza
With young children
Muslim woman shopping alone
or alone,
Muslim women walking in Old City
Arab women are not afraid or forbidden to move around freely.
Israeli apartheid?

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