Friday, October 19, 2012

Nine States to Overturn Citizens United

New Jersey Becomes Ninth State to Back Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

- Common Dreams staff
New Jersey became the ninth state to back a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United on Thursday.
photo: Public Citizen The state assembly signed the resolution Thursday afternoon that "Expresses strong opposition to U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission; calls upon Congress to propose amending U.S. Constitution."
“In passing this resolution, New Jersey is casting its vote in support of people power over corporate power,” said Aquene Freechild, organizer with Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People campaign.
“The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and related cases have opened the floodgates to corporate and special interest spending in our elections, placing our democracy on the auction block for the highest bidder," adds Diallo Brooks, Director of Field Mobilization at People For the American Way.  "Citizens United must be overturned. The American people understand this and are taking action through their local and state governments, by calling on Congress to send the states an amendment to overturn this terrible decision. Today, New Jersey will join a growing chorus of voices demanding that this necessary change becomes a reality,” stated Brooks.
New Jersey follows California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont, which have already signed similar state resolutions.

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