Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iran: "Leave Syria alone; think about us."

Security forces in Tehran on October 3, 2012, Source: Greencity
No shops were open in Tehran's Grand Bazaar on Thursday, October 4, 2012, one day after shopkeepers and merchants went on strike to protest against the free fall of the national currency on Wednesday. Iranian netizens published several videos of Wednesday's protest gatherings, the presence of security forces in the Bazaar areas, and closed shops. Kalmeh, an opposition website reports that several protesters were arrested on Wednesday.
“Leave Syria alone, think about us instead”
People chanted “Leave Syria alone, think about us instead” in Toopkhone Square in Tehran. The Iranian State has declared several times that it supports the Syrian regime, and recent news reports have said Iran transferred $10 billion dollars to Syria. This is provocative news at a time when Iranian citizens are suffering the effects of a deep financial crisis spurred on by international sanctions against Iran.
Security forces in Tehran's Bazaar
“Dollar must go down”
Written by Fred Petrossian  Global Voices

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