Friday, March 22, 2013

Miss Israel will Ask for Jonathan Pollard's Release

Miss Israel to Ask for Jonathan Pollard’s Release

Signs, hecklers, and protests urging the spy’s release continue

Leading up to and now carrying through President Obama’s visit, one inescapable name has been that of convicted American spy Jonathan Pollard. American and Israeli politicians have filed pleas asking for his release, a petition has garnered 175,000 signatures in Israel, Gilad Shalit has spoken out along with several members of the Knesset.
With Obama in Israel, an array of signs, protests, and other forms of public notice have cropped up to bring Pollard’s cause to the forefront, even as Obama has issued a statement saying that he has no immediately plans to release him. Today, during the President’s speech in Jerusalem, a heckler added his voice to the chorus:

The most sensational expression of the dual loyalty issue in America in recent years was the 1987 case of Jonathan Pollard, an American-born Jew who worked in a sensitive position in the U.S. Navy. Pollard became a spy for the Israeli government and passed along more than 800 "top secret" documents to his "first loyalty," the Jewish State. For seventeen months he had been in daily contact with Israeli co-conspirators, two of whom were later given military promotions in Israel. The government prosecutor in the case, Joseph di Genova, has stated that Pollard's spying "was the largest physical compromise of United States classified information in the twentieth century." The Defense Secretary at the time of Pollard's arrest, Caspar Weinberger, wrote a 46-page document to the Federal Court stating that he "could not conceive of greater harm to national security" than Pollard's spying. [Image: Jonathan Pollard.]

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