Friday, March 22, 2013

Globalization: Random or Directed?

Thursday, March 21, 2013 – By Staff Repor, Daily Bell
How Globalization Went Pop and What It Means for Workers ... How do you measure how fast the world economy has "globalized"? Borrow a concept from physics. Call it global economic entropy. Global trade is old -- really, really old. But something new is happening to the world economy as software and container trade shrink the globe -- the rate of "globalization" is increasing, allowing developing countries to hitch a ride on the capital of advanced economies and race forward. But how do you measure how fast the world economy has "globalized" in one figure? Perhaps, by borrowing a concept originally developed by physicists known as entropy. – The Atlantic
Dominant Social Theme: Globalism is irreversible.
Free-Market Analysis: This article in The Atlantic explains that globalism is an irreversible process because of a certain kind of entropy. The kind of entropy in question is called "information entropy."
The Atlantic article explains that it is "an abstract measure of diffusion. It tells you how spread out any distribution is, whether it's a distribution of people's heights or particles in a room." Here's more from the article:

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