Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The War on Labor

With Republicans in the state legislature set to finish hustling through legislation that takes away union rights, this is not a usual day in Michigan. The Detroit News reports that three school districts opted to close because so many teachers are going to the Capitol in Lansing for protests.
The state's largest district, Detroit Public Schools, will remain open, but Detroit Federation of Teachers President Keith Johnson urged members to attend the protest.
"We're encouraging our members to stand in solidarity as a show of anger, defiance and frustration for this whole Legislature," he said. "It's only designed to break unions and has nothing to do with workers."
The scene at the Capitol seems to be crazy, loud and, so far, peaceful. The Michigan legislature is set to go into session at 10 A.M. Once the two chambers finish voting on the so-called Right to Work bill, Governor Snyder has said he will sign it.
Thanks to Anne Savage of Eclectablog for the picture. They're liveblogging the events today. (

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