Thursday, December 20, 2012

The GOP Vilifies; the Crazies Strike Back

A scathing report finds the State Department failed to protect its diplomats in Libya, as at least two high-ranking officials depart. The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake reports.
The crazies in Congress selected Susan Rice as a target and manufactured a case against her. It was politics all the way having nothing to do with the facts surrounding a splendid career of public service.
In war-torn Libya still populated by outside hostiles lusting for power, who could prevent the trashing of a temporary Embassy or the murder of an unarmed diplomatic detail? Certainly not the band of wheelchair warriors who inhabit the Congress.
Their hate-filled campaigns have commanded the public airwaves for many years. More recently, Ronald Reagan targeted Nicaragua [of all places] as the Mother of All Evil. After Reagan failed at an outright invasion of that hapless nation, he enlisted most of his cabinet and much of his national security force in a covert mission to subvert the nation. This blossomed into the Iran-Contra Affair, which criminalized many parts of the US Govt.
In this noxious atmosphere, we elected POTUS GHWB a former CIA director imbued with all manner of New World Order conspiracy and fantasy. After GHWB proved too honest and straightforward for their tastes, they succeeded him with Bill Clinton whose great economic successes provided them with first rate cover for his two terms.
The master stroke began in 1996 with the sale of US nuclear secrets to the Pakistanis through Turkey. In effect that took Russia out of the power game in Asia and left the USA free to wheel and deal [so they thought].
The utter failure and disgrace of the US Asian efforts inspired domestic pretenders to seize power. They had many resources that should have guaranteed success. It could have been a MKULTRA mind control victory. They utilized every aspect of American hatred, racism and bigotry. They had all the financial, media and tactical  resources under lock and key. They gave voice to every crackpot scheme and notorious scam that had polluted our body politic.
In their exuberance they had given over to excess.
53% of American voters recognized this and had run from them like the plague.

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