Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hamas accuses everyone of being a spy. Paranoid much?

Posted: 06 Apr 2013 08:59 PM PDT
From AFP:
Hamas accused Western and Arab spy agencies on Saturday of operating in the Gaza Strip and said it had a list of alleged collaborators.

The Gaza Strip is swarming with Western intelligence agencies, such as the American, British, French and German services,” said Mohammed Lafi, an internal security chief, quoted on the Hamas interior ministry website.

“They all target Gaza and Hamas,” he said, while also pointing a finger at unnamed Arab intelligence services.

The Hamas official, whose Islamist movement rules Gaza, said the security services had “a list of collaborators who will be arrested once the time for them to repent has run out.”

Some have already been arrested and “half of them have confessed to being collaborators,” said Lafi, who also cautioned against Palestinian journalists feeding information to foreign correspondents and institutions.
Pssst, Hamas: Here's a photo of the top two Mossad agents in Gaza, during a meeting with their handlers, hiding in plain sight and laughing at how they have not yet been caught:

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