Friday, November 2, 2012

Romney Got Through The Campaign Without Disclosing

it seemed only a matter of time before Romney would buckle to pressure and release a critical mass of returns--if not the 12 years worth that his father released when he ran for president, then at least, say, five or six. But here we are, with just five days until the election, and Romney has released no more than the two years he agreed to release back during the primaries. This has left voters in near-total darkness about basic questions about his very recent past. As tax experts have noted, there are any number of reasons why Romney doesn't want to release more of his taxes--it's possible he participated in an IRS amnesty program for secret foreign bank accounts; it's more possible he gamed the system to avoid taxes on his huge retirement account and his sons' $100 million trust fund, or that he paid very, very low rates these past couple years as a result of a tax code that favors..

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